Shree Balaji Transport

Our Policies

Shree Balaji Car Transport, as a reliable and highly respected packer and movers, serves the customers in an effective and faithful way. Because we want to keep our reputation intact in the world of packing shifting, we maintain a strict Privacy Policy all the time. This Privacy Policy is allowing us to support them in a clear and meaningful way.

Our fully automated computerized system captures all your personal information and stores it for future use if any customer contacts us over the phone or on the website. We keep the details very carefully just to provide excellent and stress-free service to our dear clients. It allows us to contact our clients at the time of the relocation process, and to remind them of important details about their relocation. We can also at any given time tell our clients about the status of their valuables.

We also promise you that we do not sell your sensitive information to everyone in the company at no expense or leak out them to someone outside it. Only the company employees can avail the details for the sake of smooth and safe services. An outsider of the company does not have permission to avail the information. Again, the staff of the company never use the records for any personal reason. Just the company personnel can use the information to assist the clients in a safe and secure method.

Shree Balaji Car Transport always stores important customer information for just six months to a year, too. After that, we update our database, and we can remove the previously stored information. Occasionally we change our privacy policy, too. If we make some policy changes, we tell our dear customers about them. We welcome our customers’ valuable feedback in every matter, too.

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